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    An exposition on the Auschwitz of The Balkan Peninsula.

Around 700,000 men, women and children lost their lives in a Slavonian extermination camp built and operated by the German puppet Independent State of Croatia during World War II.

Below, are statements curated alongside sculptures that illustrate their suffering and plight.



“The Auschwitz of the Balkans”


Describing the Jasenovac concentration camp, an extermination camp established by the authorities of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and the infamous Ustashe regime during World War II.

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“A third must become Catholic, a third must leave the country, and a third must die!”

Ante Pavelic

The genocidal plan of the leader of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War II to ethnically cleanse Serbs from their ancestral homeland.

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“You just do your job my child”

Vukasin Mandrapa

An old man, brutally tortured and killed by the Ustashe in 1943 in Jasenovac. He was given the chance to save his life if he yelled “Long live (Ustasha leader) Ante Pavelic” but instead he defiantly replied with his famous quote three times even as his ears, nose and finally his eyes were being cut…

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“The priestly face of Fra Majstorovic, all made-up and powdered, dressed in an elegant suit and a green hunter’s hat, watched with delight the victims”

Egon Berger

Former Jewish inmate at Jasenovac

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“The greatest of all evils must be Jasenovac, which no ordinary mortal can glimpse”

Edmund Glaise von Horstenau

Nazi general and Hitler’s plenipotentiary in the Independent Croatian State, describing Jasenovac

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“This is one of the most terrible of camps, which can only be compared to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno”

Arthur Hefner

A German transport officer’s impression of the Jasenovac camp after his visit on November 11, 1942.

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“Her breasts were cut open and through them the small hands of her children were pulled”

Unnamed Jasenovac Survivor

Testimony given of a massacre led by Ustasha general and commander of

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“My sight, O mother mine, is gone. How shall I weep when your life too is done?”

Ivan Goran Kovacic

A verse from the renowned Croatian poet’s most prominent work ‘The Pit’, about how the Ustashe blinded victims by gouging out their eyes.

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“The crimes of the fascist Ustashe against the Serbs in the notorious camp of Jasenovac must be known – crimes that are the worst ones along with those committed against the Jews in the Holocaust”

Simon Wiesenthal

Quote about the death camp from the world’s foremost Nazi hunter.

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“The child probably does not remember his name. The only way in which we can be sure to recognize him is the burn scars on his neck”

Stojan Marjanovic

After the war, a large number of newspapers had a regular column in which parents would ask for help to find their missing children. By giving some basic information about the child, parents hoped for a reunion, the text, was from one of those parents.

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“Stepinac was an avid supporter of the Ustasha whose cruelties were so extreme that they even shocked some of their Nazi masters. Pope Benedict was right in condemning the evil Ustasha regime; he was wrong in paying homage to one of its foremost advocates”

Elan Steinberg

Executive director of the World Jewish Congress on Aloysius Stepinac, Croatian Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb during World War II.

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“Throughout history there have always been attempts at a final solution for foreign and undesirable racial-ethnic or religious groups through expulsion, extermination and conversion to the true religion”

Franjo Tudjman

Excerpt from the book of Croatia’s first President following the country’s independence from Yugoslavia in which he defends the Ustashe genocide of 1941-45. In 1995, under his leadership, Croatia carried out ‘Operation Storm’ in which 250,000 Serbs, descendants of those who survived the genocidal

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